Bishopstone Pets Car Boot Liner With Extra Long Bumper Flap For Dogs Luxury Quilted Waterproof Trunk Cover Protects Your Upholstery


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Product Description

FITS ALL SUVs: Our car boot liner has a total padded surface area of 106.68cm (42″) wide by 142.24cm (59″) long and a bumper flap additional surface area of 53.34cm (21″). It fits all SUVs, the photos were taken in a Honda CRV where it fits perfectly.

NON-SLIP RUBBERISED BACKING A non-slip rubberised backing prevents slipping and holds the cargo cover in place.

PADDED Luxury quilting ensures maximum comfort.

SECURE CLOSE HEAD REST STRAPS Two strong and adjustable secure close head rest straps measure 26″ long easily slip over the back seat headrests.

EASY FOLD STITCHED HINGES Two reinforced slits either side of the cover ensure the perfect fit to allow the bumper flap to fold over the bumper.

WATERPROOF The black cargo liner material is a ‘wipe clean’ waterproof 600D Oxford polyester fabric.

STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT It’s strong and heavy duty but lightweight so it can be installed quickly and then folded up and stored after use.


  • FITS ALL CARS AND STAYS IN PLACE: This high quality padded car boot cover is the ideal size for all 4X4s, suvs, small pick ups and estate cars. The liner sits perfectly on the floor of your boot. A long bumper protector flap folds out to prevent scratches from your dog’s nails when climbing in and out. It’s held by velcros strips on the underside, securing it neatly in place. Photos were taken in a Honda CRV. Please see cargo liner photo with measurements indicating exact size.
  • QUICKLY WIPES CLEAN: Say goodbye to smelly towels or blankets – It’s time to replace them with a specially designed premium quality fabric boot cover for dogs. It’s made of a water resistant material making cleaning effortless as any mess can be wiped off quickly and easily with a wet cloth so your cargo area remains clean, tidy and free from scuff marks and the small hairs that tend to get stuck in the upholstery. We don’t recommend machine washing the trunk liner, simply wipe.
  • EXTRA LONG BUMPER PROTECTOR: Avoid scratches and scuff marks to your car’s bumper when your dog jumps in and out of the boot area, you’re carrying pets in the trunk of the car or as you load and unload shopping. Many cargo covers don’t protect the entire trunk area but our boot liner has a nifty extra long bumper flap that simply folds out to protect your car’s paintwork at the boot lip area. Once loaded tuck the flap into the car under your pet as a double layer boot mat.
  • UNBEATABLE QUALITY AND COMFORT: The perfect combination of durability and luxurious design – this cargo cover is not only quilted for comfort, it’s made of 600 denier, vinyl backed nylon which provides a waterproof barrier too. So unlike some car protectors for dogs it’s lightweight which makes it easy to install and remove as well as being very hard wearing when you’re carrying your pet or simply loading shopping in and out of your boot.
  • SIMPLE TO FIT TO SAVE YOU TIME: Fed up with cleaning out your car after every trip with your dog? This highly durable, waterproof cargo cover comes with hassle-free adjustable straps, secure close headrest straps that slip quickly over the back seat headrests to keep it in place. This means the cover can be installed in minutes to provide maximum protection. With the rubber backing and velcros strips, this high quality boot cover is perfect for transporting pets, shopping or other heavy loads.
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