BMW Genuine Rear Car Floor Mats Rubber All-Weather G11 7 Series 51472444039


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Product Description

7 Series-G11-Saloon-725d B47-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-730d B57-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-730dX B57-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-730i B48-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-740dX B57-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-740e B48X-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-740i B58-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-750dX B57S-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-750i N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G11-Saloon-750iX N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-725Ld B47-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-730Ld B57-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-730LdX B57-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-730Li B48-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740eX B48X-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740i B58-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740iX B58-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740LdX B57-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740Le B48X-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740LeX B48X-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740Li B58-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-740LiX B58-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-750i N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-750iX N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-750LdX B57S-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-750Li N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-750LiX 4.0 N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-750LiX 4.4 N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-ALPINA B7 N63R-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-M760iX N74B-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg
7 Series-G12-Saloon-M760LiX N74B-30.11.2016 г.—1.800 kg


  • Represented by part number 2 in the diagram.
  • Not suitable for vehicles with National version China (L8AAA).
  • Not suitable vehicles with Executive Lounge (P7GZA) and Executive Lounge Seating (S4F4A).
  • Colour: Black
  • Available For: 7′ G11
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